CEIS Ayrshire

Skills for Care Through our Training Academy.

We provide various employability services such as skills and training and qualifications to help people get a job. Our Care Academy programme helps those interested in a career in care. We provide them with the skills and training they need for a career in care. Clients take online accredited courses and have support with workshops for applications and interview skills. Paige got a Care Assistant job with the help of Craig and Jacqueline.

Getting Skills for a Career In Care.

Paige registered with us on 14th July and mentioned she had an interest in care. On completing application forms for Caledonia Care, Key and North Ayrshire Council, Craig assisted Paige with creating a CV within 1 week and introduced Paige to Jacqueline for support through our Care Academy. Paige then moved onto obtaining the skills needed to work in the care sector. 

During the time we supported Paige through the Care Academy she also attended our applications and interview skills workshops and gained various care qualifications. These include: Dignity and Privacy, Health and Safety in a care setting and Safeguarding Adults. Paige also received one to one support from Jacqueline with Applications and interviews.
On completion of the training outlined and support provided, Paige was successful in getting a “Care Assistant” position with Caledonia Care. We also provided support with writing an acceptance letter.
Paige has been a pleasure for both Jacqueline and Craig to work with. They are really pleased with her progress and delighted to hear she is now in a position that she is excited to start.

Feedback from Paige:

What skills have you gained/improved upon, whilst on the programme?
“I have learned about interviews and applications, and been helped to acknowledge my own skills and qualities. I have also learned how to form a CV and cover note, and I have also done online courses for Care.”
If you could change anything about the programme what would it be?
“I was very happy with my support from everyone I was in contact with at CEIS Ayrshire and cannot think of anything I would like to change”
Do you believe CEIS Ayrshire has improved your chances of finding employment?
“Most definitely”
Do you feel you were supported by your advisor?
“Yes at every step”
So far we have helped 22 people get a job in care. If you want to know more about Care Academy you can read more here. If you want to learn new skills to help you get a career in care or need any other employability support you can contact us here.