CEIS Ayrshire

Sector Based Work Academy in Customer Service

Skills Development and Preparation.

In February 2023, John was referred to CEIS Ayrshire from his work coach at Saltcoats Job Centre. With a background in the customer service sector and experience as a call centre operative, John was looking to pursue a career in the same field. However, he remained open to exploring other employment opportunities as well.

During our initial meeting we created an action plan for John to help him with employment. The plan consisted of updating his CV and working through the customer service course through our online training site, TrainMe.

To help John with future interviews, we enrolled him onto our STAR technique workshop. This workshop would help John answer situation-based questions during interviews to prove his skills and experience.

John’s Key Worker, Steven made him aware of an upcoming information session with BPO, a local company in North Ayrshire. John expressed interest and attended the information session held in the Saltcoats Job Centre in April.

Sector Based Work Academy.

CEIS Ayrshire organized a Sector Based Work Academy Programme (SWAP) in collaboration with BPO. The SWAP was conducted at BPO’s offices and spanned a week, providing John with a valuable opportunity to demonstrate his skillset, positive attitude, and capabilities at a high standard for the role they were offering.

During the SWAP, John participated in a range of workshops to enhance his skill set. These workshops covered a variety of topics, including Applications, Confidence Building, Interview Skills, and Skills & Qualities. Additionally, John completed an online course focused on Negotiation Skills.

John made a good impression during the SWAP and BPO offered him a role the following week. John was happy to accept the role and is looking forward to starting his new job!

Feedback form comments:

If you could change anything about the programme, what would it be?

None you get out of it what you put in. The staff are incredible.

Do you believe that CEIS Ayrshire has improved your chances of finding employment?

Yes as I’ve just gained full-time employment.

Do you feel you were supported by your advisors?

I’m sure it was Rachel as she took my information day for the BPO collections training/vacancy and did a fantastic job and wish her the very very best in her future.

Do you have any other comments?

Keep up the fantastic work you all do you really make a difference in people’s lives.