CEIS Ayrshire

Rosie Received Support From our Over 25 hub and Gained Employment

Rosie’s work coach from the Irvine Job Centre referred her to CEIS Ayrshire in November 2021. Rosie has Autism and was diagnosis from a young age and she explained that this affects her anxiety. She wanted to find employment in Retail but didn’t want to work somewhere that was very busy, fast paced or with food.

Rosie likes things to be very structured and can be thrown off a bit if the structure is not there. During the initial meeting Rosie became overwhelmed. We explained that the support we offer is client lead and that we can go at her pace.

Following discussions, we agreed that a referral to Salus for health support would be beneficial, and that they could support with confidence and coping mechanisms. We arranged for Rosie to do a one-to-one confidence course a week later. Although she managed this, she felt it was a struggle.

Discussing Employability Programmes

In December we discussed the Employability Fund Stage 2 programme. This structure suited Rosie`s needs as it was delivered on-line. She went on to complete both Stage 2 and 3 between January and May completing and achieving the SQA qualifications for both stages.

A natural progression route for Rosie was to attend the face-to-face 25+ Hub Group. This group work situation pushed Rosie out of her comfort zone. She persevered and completed the 4-week programme. Achieving accredited qualifications and a robust CV, as well as making some new friends.

An opportunity arose with the Salvation Army through funding for individuals who are long term unemployed. Rosie was keen to be put forward for this and interviewed in July for this 30-hour post. She was successful at interview and a few weeks later was offered the 6-month position. Rosie will continue to receive in-work support from CEIS Ayrshire.

Comments From Rosie

What has been the best thing about your time with CEIS Ayrshire?

“The staff, the support, the resources, and the help. I also enjoyed the 25+ Hub group”

 How do you feel that the programme has prepared you for future interviews?

“Confidence and help with preparing for an interview and preparing and practising interview questions”

 What would you say to other people about the programme who are in the same situation and looking for a way into work?

“I would tell them to check out CEIS Ayrshire, it’s a good option. The courses help as well as the support to make a CV. CEIS Ayrshire know what they are doing”


“The job is going great; everyone is really nice there”