CEIS Ayrshire

Radio City Pathways Project

Radio City Partnership.

At CEIS Ayrshire, our core values revolve around collaboration and partnership with other organisations, and being a trusted ally is paramount in all our endeavours. A shining example of this is our successful partnership with Radio City, where we joined forces to provide training and volunteer support to seven residents from Garnock Valley.

The dedicated volunteers are currently transforming the Garnock Valley Fitness Centre grounds, converting it into a 4km walking path for the benefit of the local residents. The site is the former Glengarnock Steelworks, spanning approximately 250 hectares, makes this a significant endeavour. This project is part of a wider regeneration and Community Wealth Building initiative to transform the area into a parkland destination, promising substantial physical, economic, and social benefits to the communities in the Garnock Valley.

Training Provided to the Volunteers.

To ensure the volunteers are well-equipped for their tasks, we are working closely with Radio City to offer accredited training through our online platform, TrainME. They are currently progressing through their Manual Handling and Abrasive Wheels courses. Additionally, we are certified to deliver REHIS first aid at work training and accredited by CITB to provide CSCS health and safety training. Scheduled training dates are in place for these courses to further enhance the skills of the volunteers engaged in the pathways project.

Furthermore, the volunteers will receive comprehensive training on the safe usage of various equipment, such as brush-cutters, trimmers, woodchippers, pesticides application, and ground-based chainsaws. This approach ensures the safe operation of equipment for the project and imparts valuable skills that can elevate their career prospects.

Participating in this project offers volunteers a unique opportunity to contribute to their local community by clearing and improving pathways, while simultaneously gaining essential skills and training to advance in their careers. We take pride in fostering meaningful partnerships and remain committed to creating a positive impact in the lives of those we work with and the communities we serve.