CEIS Ayrshire

Over 25 Employability Hub

We have previously run 2 Youth Employability Hubs in Ardrossan and Fullarton which were a great success and we have more planned to take place over the next 12 months. Following on from the youth hub we also ran a pilot employability hub for 25+ which was a great success.

This hub took the clients through employment training over the course of 4 weeks. The programme took the clients through pre-employment workshops including resilience, confidence building, CV creation, interview skills and more.

Volunteering and Meeting Employers.

We took the over 25 group to a Volunteer Open day that The Ayrshire Community Trust (TACT) were hosting. This was a great opportunity for the group to find out more about the volunteering options in the local area.

The final day of the hub concluded with an event to meet local employers for face-to-face interviews. The employers that came were Kilwinning Sports Club, Coast Watch and Beith Community Trust Development. The day turned out to be a great success and we sat down with the employers to have a chat and get their thoughts on the day.

Employer Feedback

“It gives people experience, it’s helpful for people to gain experience getting interviewed and feedback, it gets them used to that environment talking to people.”

– Calum Hart, Volunteer, Coastwatch

“It Gives the employer an informal chance to meet some candidates, to direct them to the club, to the vacancies and strengthens our relationship with CEIS Ayrshire. They’ve helped us out with different placements in the past and different positions and hopefully that partnership continues.”

– Collin Hunter, Development Officer, Kilwinning Community Sports Club

“I think it’s very good, the client’s confidence in the interviews, because a lot of the times we get individuals that don’t know how to communicate at an interview. I thought this was quite a good atmosphere. They were still having an interview, but it was less formal and less scary for them. I quite enjoyed it and it was very varied in ages and skillset that we had here.”

– Linda Dunbar, Site manager, Beith Community Trust Development

Team Feedback

“Looking at the feedback some of the clients have given us, a few of them said it is good to get out the house and it’s been company. It’s also beneficial to work in a group setting because they’ve not being able to do that for a long time. They are getting employability support they are making new friendships as well as building up their confidence in group settings. We could see the difference by the end of the 4th week, even just their confidence growing in that group setting.”

– ­Lynne Carr, Team Leader for Key Workers, CEIS Ayrshire

If you would like to know more about our employability hubs, need employability support or you are a business and would like to work with us please get in touch.