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Online Training: What are the Benefits?

Education and professional development are a constantly evolving landscape. In years past, you would need to attend in-person training sessions, which would often be a struggle due to other commitments. Not everyone was able to carve out time from their busy lives to commute and spend hours, days, weeks, or maybe months to attend training sessions.

Online training aims to remedy the issues that people face when it comes to developing their skills. There are a range of benefits when it comes to learning online; it offers a much more flexible way to learn, courses are cost effective, it’s accessible to a wider range of learners and more. In this blog we will look at the benefits that online training can provide individuals.

Online Training is Flexible

With online training, learners can access the courses they are participating in anywhere with an internet connection and anytime. You can squeeze in time to go through modules during your work breaks, at night, during a long commute or in your own home. This flexibility gives learners a variety of options for completing their course, allowing them to choose an environment they find comfortable, creating a stress-free experience compared to traditional classrooms.

While being comfortable in your learning environment can improve the learning experience, everyone also learns at their own pace. Some people can grasp topics quickly, whereas others may need some more time to thoroughly understand the study materials. Online learning accommodates both by allowing them to learn at their own pace, easing the pressure of meeting deadlines.

Career Development

Individuals who are already in work may be looking to develop their career, move into a new position or to better understand their current role. Online training can give those who are already working the opportunity to take courses to further develop their skills.

Certain courses awards you with certificates and credentials that can showcase your skills and look great on your CV, demonstrating your commitment to professional development. Continually improving your knowledge and skills can open up new opportunities to move into a new position within your organisation.

Variety of Training Courses to Choose From

Online training offers a range of different courses that you can choose from due to them being accessible from any location with an internet connection. The internet has given us the opportunity to search and apply for just about any course available. Our online training platform features a variety courses across various categories, including:

Business Skills

With Business skills courses you can obtain critical knowledge needed for the success of any business. These courses cover social media, workplace policies and more.

Health and Safety

The courses here covers essential workplace health and safety such as manual handling, working at height, fire safety, and electrical safety.

Health and Social Care

The courses here address important subjects such as drug and alcohol abuse as well as aspects of taking care of other’s health and well-being.

Cost Effective

Training can be an expensive venture for everyone involved. Moving from the traditional classroom-based learning approach to an online learning environment can significantly reduce the cost of running training courses. Both learning and training providers don’t need to think of expenses such as printed materials, renting out venues, travel, etc which can increase the price of training courses.

This makes training a more accessible option for all involved. With reduced overhead costs making the online options cheaper. This can mean that individual learners can purchase courses at a lower price, or businesses can upskill their workforce without spending as much.

Revisit Learning Materials

Another great benefit of online learning is that all your online study materials are easily accessible. Allowing you to revisit the learning materials to refresh your memory. You can log on to the online training portal and access the materials, whether that is documents to download, previous work submitted or video tutorials, it can all be easily accessible from anywhere you have internet access.


While many learners prefer the standard classroom approach to learning, there are plenty of benefits to online learning that make it a more appealing option for others. At CEIS Ayrshire, we have a variety of training options for employability. We have face to face sessions led by our own in-house trainers, and we also have our own online training platform, TrainMe.

With TrainMe, you get access to a range of courses across various categories. These include areas such as Health and Safety, Business Skills, Health and Social Care, Mental Health and Wellbeing, and Hospitality. Completing courses through TrainMe awards you a certificate, some of which are accredited by professional governing bodies. These qualifications can improve your CV, showcasing your competency in specific sectors and impressing potential employers.

Are you ready to take the next step in your professional development journey? If you are looking to develop your career, gain new skills, or enhance your knowledge, our flexible, cost-effective training courses are designed to help you. Take a look at our range of course on TrainMe and unlock your potential!