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Matthew’s Journey to a Full-time Kitchen Role

Matthew’s work coach from the Saltcoats Job Centre referred him to CEIS Ayrshire, seeking hands-on work opportunities that align with his previous experience in warehouse, retail, and kitchen roles.

Formulating an Action Plan

During our initial meeting, we formulated a comprehensive action plan for Matthew. First, we reviewed and updated his CV to showcase his skills and expertise. In addition, we assisted Matthew in enrolling for the Manual Handling course available on TrainMe, our online training platform. This course strengthens learners understanding and proficiency in safe manual handling practices.
Recognizing the significance of interview skills, we arranged for Matthew to take part in a workshop that would improve his interview techniques. This workshop equipped him with invaluable insights, including anticipating potential interview questions and formulating effective responses. By honing these skills, Matthew has improved his chances of success and positioned himself as a strong candidate in the job market.

Securing Kitchen Role in Caledonia Nursing Home

Matthew’s proactive approach to job searching yielded fruitful results. As a testament to his efforts, he secured a work trial opportunity at Caledonia Nursing Home in Saltcoats. During this trial, Matthew worked alongside the head chef in the kitchen, gaining valuable hands-on experience.
In early June, Matthew received a call from Caledonia Nursing Home, offering him a full-time position, which he gladly accepted. Now, Matthew is now a part of the kitchen team, contributing his skills and enthusiasm to the organisation. This opportunity allows him to use his prior kitchen experience while furthering his career in a fulfilling role.

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If you could change anything about the programme, what would it be?

Nothing Steven was always there if I needed help.

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Yes, I do.

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