CEIS Ayrshire

Kirstine’s Journey to Full-Time Employment

Kirstine was referred to our employability support programme by the Kilbirnie Job Centre. She was looking to gain full-time employment and enrolled on our Employability Support programme. The guidance and resources available on this programme would help her secure meaningful employment.

Career Evaluation and Skills Assessment

During our initial sessions, we dedicated time to discussing Kirstine’s career history. We evaluated her existing skills and qualities that she could leverage to appeal to prospective employers. Together, we explored a range of ideas to identify the type of work that aligned with her aspirations and current circumstances, considering how these opportunities could intersect with various business sectors.

Rebuilding Confidence and Expanding Employability Prospects

Kirstine’s self-confidence was slightly diminished due to various factors. However, through our conversations, it became evident that she undervalued her past life and work experiences, despite possessing a diverse range of skills and qualities highly sought after by future employers. Additionally, while actively seeking work, Kirstine engaged in voluntary work in an unfamiliar field, which she found very enjoyable.

Utilizing her voluntary work as a foundation, we embarked on reconstructing Kirstine’s CV, emphasizing her valuable skills. Having held diverse positions in the past, Kirstine gradually recognized the abundance of work and life skills she could offer potential employers. This process of rebuilding her CV played a pivotal role in restoring her self-confidence, enabling her to apply to a wide range of job opportunities that aligned with her current needs. With each discussion, her self-confidence continued to flourish.

Upskilling and Demonstrating Commitment

Additionally, Kirstine proactively attended a series of Zoom Workshops and accredited courses to further enhance her confidence, improve the quality of her CV, and demonstrate her commitment to upskilling for future employment. These endeavours not only bolstered her own confidence but also showcased to employers the efforts she was making to continuously develop and acquire new skills.

Our dedicated Key Workers provided personalized one-on-one support and advice to Kirstine throughout her journey. They assisted her with completing application forms during regular meetings and offered valuable preparation for her job interviews. As a result of her dedication and the support she received, Kirstine has successfully transitioned into full-time employment and is now thriving in her new position.


How would you rate your initial contact with CEIS Ayrshire staff?


How happy are you with the support offered on the programme?


What skills have you gained/improved upon, whilst on the programme?

“Refresher of GDPR, star technique for interviews, application guidance.”

If you could change anything about the programme, what would it be?

“No changes”

Do you believe CEIS Ayrshire has improved your chances of finding employment?

“Yes I did”

Do you feel you were supported by your advisor?

“Ian was incredibly helpful and definitely went beyond his role to help me gain confidence and word things better for my CV and applications.”

Do you have any other comments?

“Due to the support given, I have now secured full time employment.”