CEIS Ayrshire

Helping Stuart with his Anxiety and Supporting him into Work

Stuart registered with CEIS Ayrshire at the beginning of June following a referral from Irvine Job Centre. He had been a Baker to trade for over 30 years and had been made redundant in April. Stuart`s mental health and confidence had taken a knock as he didn’t know where to start to look for new employment, as the job searching, and benefits system was a grey area for him.

Following initial discussions, it was agreed that a referral to Salus for health support would be beneficial for Stuart. By mid-July, Stuart had completed a few sessions with Salus and was appreciating the support.

Working Towards Securing a Job

Stuart was hoping to gain employment quickly but did not have a CV. We set about compiling him a CV in order to apply for any suitable vacancies.

He went on to complete the Zoom Interview Skills and Elevator Pitch workshop to prepare him for future interviews. Stuart thoroughly enjoyed these sessions and felt that not only were the workshops informative, but it was an opportunity to share experiences with others on the Zoom call.

Stuart applied for a job with Robertson`s Food in July and was offered the position with a start date for the beginning of August. He was delighted with this outcome but was nervous about starting a new job. We offered further support on a one-to-one basis and a few days before his start date we completed the Confidence and Health and Wellbeing workshops with Stuart to support his anxieties of starting the new job.

Stuart will continue to receive in work support from Salus and our Business Services team.

Quotes From Stuart.

What skills have you gained/improved on, whilst on the programme?

“Gaining confidence and how to set up a computer for zoom calls”

 If you could change anything about the programme, what would it be?


Do you believe that CEIS Ayrshire has improved your chances of finding employment?

“Yes, as without Lynne Carr updating my CV, I wouldn’t be in a job without my CV getting updated”

Do you feel you were supported by your adviser?

“Yes, of course, keeping in constant contact with me and also recommending me too Salus to help me deal with my anxiety”


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