Employability Services

Training to get the job

As part of your time with us we would like to offer you the opportunity to benefit from some of our training workshops; which will help you build on your existing employability skills and knowledge.

These workshops will be tailored to your individual needs, will offer you up to date training and guidance and are a mix of accredited and non-accredited qualifications.

The training department will work closely with your Employability Advisor to offer you any support you require to aid your personal development.

Below is a list of workshops we offer at the moment and a breakdown of what they entail.


This workshop concentrates of the top 6 qualities that employer’s value the most. Each section will be discussed with a 3 question self-test at the end of each section and feedback/discussion on your answers.

Interview Skills

This workshop covers all aspect of the interview process.

Online & Video Interviews

In this workshop we will look at the following points to help client’s ace that video interview and be as prepared as possible. We will also offer advice on making sure their background, lighting etc are suitable before starting the interview. 


This workshop covers information regarding paper-based and online applications.


Resilience comprises of 5 workshops including strengths, positivity, mental toughness, mindset and character.

In addition to the non-accredited workshops we also deliver accredited training:

  • CSCS – Health, Safety and Environment test
  • World Host – Customer Service
  • BIIAB Personal License
  • REHIS Food Hygiene
  • Emergency First Aid at Work (1 day)
  • First Aid at Work (3 days)
  • Paediatric First Aid
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing Level 4 & 5
  • NPA Digital Literacies Level 3
  • Tenancy & Citizenship

As CEIS Ayrshire are an SQA Approved Centre we also deliver a wide range of SQA qualifications.

You can use you Individual Training Account (ITA) to cover the cost of these accredited qualifications, your Employability Advisor can give you further guidance and information on the process.

While you are unemployed or looking for a new challenge it is important to show employers that you have been working on your personal development and you can benefit greatly from all of our training opportunities.

We can offer a one to one I.T.sessions to help build confidence if you are starting out using computers, this can then lead on to the next stage of a basic computing course.