CEIS Ayrshire

Dumfries and Galloway: Unlocking Employment Opportunities

In today’s dynamic job market, finding employment can be a daunting task, especially for individuals who may require additional support or training. At CEIS Dumfries & Galloway we believe in supporting individuals with the skills and confidence they need to succeed in their careers. Through our specialised training programmes, we aim to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers, offering tailored solutions for participants at every stage of their journey. Dumfries & Galloway’s Local Employability & Skills Partnership (D&G LEP) awarded us funding to bring our tailored training programmes to residents in the area seeking employment.


Routeway-1: Getting Participants Closer to the Labour Market

For individuals who are ready to enter or re-enter the workforce, the Routeway-1 provides targeted training in key industries such as Retail, Hospitality, Health & Social Care, Construction, and Manufacturing/Warehousing. Over the course of 4 weeks, participants engage in accredited training sessions and immersive employability workshops. From honing essential skills and qualities to mastering effective job-searching techniques, our programmes equips participants with the tools they need to thrive in competitive job markets. Week 4 is dedicated to practical application, with support for participants to apply for local vacancies aligned with their training. Additionally, we facilitate Employer Sessions, offering participants valuable opportunities to connect with local employers actively seeking to fill vacancies.


Routeway-2: Providing Comprehensive Support

For individuals requiring further support before entering employment, the Routeway-2 offers a comprehensive 4-week curriculum designed to build foundational skills and confidence. Participants attend sessions three days per week, focusing on essential topics such as Everyday Skills, choosing a Job/Career Path, Finding a Job, and Gaining a Job. From promoting health and wellbeing to exploring career options and mastering job search techniques, our programme helps participants navigate their career journey with a clear goal in mind. Through interactive workshops and personalised support, we ensure that every participant receives the guidance they need to succeed. Individuals also carry out an SQA qualification as part of their course.


Programme testimonials.

Below, you can find testimonials from several clients who participated in our training programme in Stranraer, sharing their experiences with the course.

Ryan Omerod’s.

Discovery: Ryan found out about the course through Universal Credit.

Challenges: Overcoming mental health obstacles and navigating job market challenges.

Purpose: Obtain certificates and build up CV.

Addressed Barriers: Ryan feels more positive and has made significant progress.

Goals Achieved: Obtaining certificates and building skills for future employment.

Motivation: Ryan’s motivation stems from personal growth and adding value to his CV.

“Universal credit signed me up to the course, I would have signed up myself. It has been a different challenge and I got to meet different people with different backgrounds and add the courses to my CV and hopefully somebody will take notice, building up the CV to find more work. I felt a bit nervous about coming in but now I know quite a fair few people and I feel like I have achieved a lot in a few weeks and I’m not as nervous now.”


Robert Adair’s.

Discovery: Robert found out about the course through the job centre.

Purpose: He was referred to the course to learn new skills and help him secure job interviews.

Challenges: Robert faced confidence issues and anxiety, particularly with communication.

Addressed Barriers: While he still experiences some anxiety, Robert’s communication skills have improved through interaction with others.

Goals: He hopes to achieve better skills, improved communication, and success in job interviews.

Motivation: Robert joined the service to expand his knowledge and adapt to new challenges.

“I’ve got a bit of anxiety, so I am not very good at talking. I am still a bit anxious, but my communication has got a bit better with being around other folk. It is a good course, and I would recommend it.”


Adam Wilson’s.

Discovery: Adam learned about the course through his work coach at the Job Centre.

Purpose: He was referred to the course due to a gap in employment.

Challenges: Adam faced confidence issues and lacked IT skills.

Addressed Barriers: Through the course, Adam feels more confident and has acquired some IT skills.

Goals: His goal is to secure a job related to roadworks.

Motivation: Adam was motivated to explore the course and found it to be unique compared to others.

“I feel more confident and manged to learn some IT skills. I wanted to come and see what it was like, I’ve not seen many courses like it before. I didn’t have much support before the course but now I’ve gained a lot of support in working towards a job.”


At CEIS Dumfries & Galloway, our mission is to make Scotland a better place to live and work with a more inclusive economy. Through our training and employability programmes, we are commit to bridging the gap between job seekers and employers. We work with individuals and organisations to bring these training programmes to the community and are grateful to collaborate with Dumfries & Galloway LEP to bring our services to the area.