Construction Skills Training Course

CEIS Ayrshire

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme

The Construction Skills Certification scheme (CSCS) card helps you secure your future in construction. Obtaining a card can provide you with better job prospects and enhance your safety on site. Discover everything you need to know about CSCS cards and why you need one.

Benefits of CSCS cards

  • The cards can improve your safety, making sure you are well equipped with the skills and knowledge to work safely on construction sites, reducing accidents and injuries.
  • Many employers require you to have a CSCS card to work on site, so having a card can open up a wider range of job opportunities.
  • Holding a card can help you progress in your career in the construction industry.
  • CSCS cards are the industry standard and are recognised across the UK construction sector.

Types of CSCS cards

There are different types of cards, and your experience, and qualifications determine which one is suitable for you.

  • Red Card: For those who are on an apprenticeship.
  • Green card: Entry level card for employees carrying out labouring duties on site.
  • Blue card: For those who hold an industry approved qualification (Level 2).
  • Gold card: For supervisors those with Level 3 qualifications.
  • Black card: For managers with advanced qualifications.
  • White Card: For those with academic qualifications (HNC, HND, Degree) in construction occupations

How we can help

We have years of experience assisting individuals in obtaining their CSCS cards. We offer a full day course, with the opportunity to sit both the CITB test and the SQA Health and Safety in the Construction Environment test. Candidates will receive training on aspects of Health and Safety, a workbook to help prepare for the CITB test, and mock tests before taking the final assessment.

Slots are also available for candidates who already have the relevant qualifications to enable them to obtain their CSCS Cards.

CEIS Ayrshire are also able to deliver CITB test to suitably qualified personnel with the option of mock tests.


  • Full Course (Includes SQA, CITB test, and Card Order) £200
  • CITB Test & Card Order £110
  • SQA and Card Order £165
  • CITB Test Only £37

How to apply

Assessing your eligibility: Your qualifications and experience determines which card is right for you. Choose the card that matches what qualifications and experience you have.

Take the CITB Heath Safety & Environment test: (Operative, Manager and Professional, Supervisory, Working at Height) depending on your qualifications and experience.

Receive your card: Once you have passed the test, we will send away your documents and application and your card will be sent to you.

To book a test, contact us by phone on 01294 322707 or use the contact form below.