Business Services

Recruitment Services

CEIS Ayrshire offer employers a free recruitment service, customised to your business needs.

We will meet with your organisation to discuss what your requirements are.  This is to ensure that we match our services to suit your recruitment needs.

Our advisors will work closely with your organisation to create job specifications and then run free advertisements to source the correct candidates.   

We will then do the initial CV vetting and sifting to match candidates as closely as possible to your requirements.

Through the range of programmes that we run we have a large, varied database of clients that we work closely with that have a mixture of skills, qualifications and experience.  

As part of our service to employers we provide a complimentary In Work Support service when you employ a candidate from one of our programmes.  We will work with you and the successful candidate for up to 12 months to ensure both employer and the employee are working well together.

Over the 12-month period we will conduct workplace reviews with you and the employee to ensure things are running as well as possible.  Through our Skills & Training Team we can also offer any training that will support an employee’s progression in their job.