CEIS Ayrshire

Brian Offered a Job with North Ayrshire Council

Referred by Saltcoats Job Centre.

Saltcoats Job Centre referred Brian to CEIS Ayrshire in August 2022. Brian had previous experience across several roles, he was looking for a full-time position and was open to suggestions. Steven, our keyworker supported Brian in successfully securing a job with North Ayrshire Council.

During our first meeting we put together an action plan for Brian. This included reviewing and updating his CV and working through the online workplace health & safety course via our training platform.

North Ayrshire Council Job.

I made Brian aware of a couple of roles that suited him which were being offered by North Ayrshire Council as part of their Skills for Life programme. These were for a Store Clerk and an Environmental Operative role. These vacancies were of interest to Brian, so I arranged to support him with his applications for both vacancies in our Stevenston office.
North Ayrshire Council offered Brian an interview for the Environmental Operative role. Brian was going to attend the interview via Microsoft Teams at home, but he changed his mind. He asked if he could have his interview in our Stevenston office as he would be happier doing it there.
I said that this would be possible, and I arranged a quiet room for Brian in our office. He attended his interview that day. When he came out of the interview Brian said he felt that it had gone well and that he would hear from North Ayrshire Council within a week if successful.

Successful Interview and Further Training.

Two days later, North Ayrshire Council contacted Brian and told him the good news. He had interviewed well, and they would like to offer him the position of Environmental Operative, which Brian accepted.
Part of the Environmental Operative role was for Brian to complete a two-week Sector Based Work Academy. This included completing six online training courses which were relevant to his new role and undertaking the Emergency First aid at Work course at the CEIS Ayrshire training office in Irvine.
Brian started working through the online courses at home. I called Brian to see how he was getting on and he said that he was having issues with one of the courses. I arranged for Brian to come to our Stevenston office where I would support him with this course and any others that he was having issues with.
With a little help and guidance, Brian worked through his remaining four online courses that day. He completed all six of the courses before the two-week deadline that had been set. Brian then attended his First aid training the following week which he passed as well. The following Monday Brian had his induction for his new job.

Feedback form comments:

Do you believe CEIS Ayrshire has improved your chances of finding employment?
“Yes, Steven put me onto the position and fully supported me through the application form and interview etc.”
Do you feel you were supported by your advisor?
“Very much, highly professional with an easy-going manner, excellent communicator.”
Do you have any other comments?
“Just to add Steven was excellent.”