CEIS Ayrshire

Brandon Found Work With His Newly Updated CV

Updating Brandon’s CV.

Brandon’s work coach from the Job Centre referred him to CEIS Ayrshire in July 2021. One of the main things Brandon struggled with was compiling a CV. I worked with Brandon to identify his skills and add these onto his CV so that he could showcase these to any employers. He also undertook an accredited online course in Covid19 Safe Workplaces. We added this to his CV so that potential employers could see that he was aware of the safety around Covid19 when everything started to open back up in 2021.

Kickstart Scheme.

Brandon found work through the Government Kickstart Scheme. This provided businesses with funding to create jobs for 16–24-year-olds who were claiming Universal Credit. The goal of the kickstart scheme was to provide them with vital work experience.

In September 2021, Brandon started work with Black Rooster restaurant in Irvine. Brandon enjoyed working here and had different duties between serving customers and working in the Kitchen. As Brandon has worked so well with this company, they extended his contract after the 6 months to a full-time permanent role.

Unfortunately, in October 2022, Brandon was made unemployed after the company closed abruptly.

Re-engaging with Brandon.

Brandon now has work experience that would help him regain employment. We provided further support by updating his CV and helping him find work.

I met with Brandon again in November 2022 and updated his CV. He attended our STAR Technique workshop. This gave him a refresher on how to answer certain interview questions.

A job advert came through our Business Services Team for an Admin position with Allneeds Recruitment for a company based in the Three Towns. Brandon expressed interest in this as he enjoyed the customer service aspect of his last job and met all the employer requirements. I sent his CV across, and he was successful in gaining an interview.

Getting the job.

Brandon attended his interview and he felt this went well. After a couple of days, the employer gave us feedback on how well Brandon’s interview had gone and offered him the position.

Rachael from our Business Services team called Brandon to let him know that he was successful in gaining the position. When I called him to congratulate him, he was very happy and excited to start his new job.

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