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Ashley’s Employment Journey with CEIS Dumfries and Galloway

CEIS Dumfries and Galloway have been running various employability support programmes within the area. Two programmes have been to help candidates get the training and employment support they need to enter the job market.

For those furthest removed from employment, we have the Routeway 2 programme, a 4-week programme aimed at building foundational skills and confidence. This course focuses on everyday skills, choosing a career path and gaining employment. The candidates engage in interactive workshops and receive tailored support while also gaining an SQA qualification.

After Routeway 2, candidates would then progress onto Routeway 1, is a 4-week programme designed to provide training in key industries. These include retail, hospitality, health and social care, and manufacturing /warehousing. Through accredited training and employability workshops we aim to support candidates in learning essential skills and effective job searching techniques. They will also receive support in applying for local vacancies by connecting with local employers through information sessions.

Engaging with CEIS Dumfries & Galloway

Ashley, one of the participants on the programme heard about the course through Skills Development Scotland (SDS). Ashley faced significant challenges such as social anxiety and a lack of confidence. This made it difficult for her to pursue her goal of entering college to study graphics and illustration. These challenges also made it difficult for her to find suitable employment.

The job market proved to be a challenge for Ashley as she found it difficult to apply for the right jobs. Due to social anxiety and confidence issues, she also found interviews challenging. Realising that she had these difficulties motivated her to seek out support and training. To improve these keys areas, Ashley took part in both our training programme, Routeway 1 and 2.

These programmes supported Ashley with comprehensive training to help her build her interview skills and confidence. She learned how to prepare and answer interview questions and search for jobs effectively.

Job Search and Application Process

To broaden her perspective and reveal new opportunities beyond the traditional ones, Ashley learned how to find jobs that would be suitable for her. She found it quite challenging when she would apply for a job and not hear anything back from the employer. However, she did not let that shake her confidence and persisted in her search for work.

Ashley’s determination landed her a job as a Housekeeping Assistant at Dunskey Castle which she found while searching Indeed. The first step Ashley had to face in securing the job was a nerve-wracking phone interview. With the training she received from CEIS Dumfries and Galloway, she was able to utilise the Situation, Task, Action, Result (STAR) technique. Ashley managed to overcome her nerves and pass the interview the confidence.

Securing employment has positively impact Ashley’s life. Now that she has started receiving an income from her job, she has managed to reduce her reliance on her parents, gaining more independence.

Reflecting on CEIS Dumfries and Galloway’s Support

Looking back on her experience, Ashley expressed her gratitude for the support and assistance provided by CEIS Dumfries and Galloway.  She found the training and guidance to be very valuable, stating that it was really good and helpful, and she will always be thankful for the help she received.

Ashley really enjoyed her time on our programme and advises others who are seeking employment support to take advantage of the services that CEIS Dumfries and Galloway offer. Highly recommending the training and employment services, Ashley shared:

“The training was very good and encourages you to get out there and apply for jobs and they also helped build my confidence.”

If you are in Dumfries and Galloway and find gaining employment challenging, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.